Abhisit set to increase the pressure on Thaksin



Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has turned up the heat on Thaksin Shinawatra by ordering law enforcement authorities to find out whether the ex-premier has made any transactions in the Cayman Islands

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has turned up the heat on Thaksin Shinawatra by ordering law enforcement authorities to find out whether the ex-premier has made any transactions in the Cayman Islands

The findings would be useful for other corruption cases against Thaksin, who is thought to be directing protests by the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) from a secret place overseas.

The move came after Privy Councillor Pichitr Kullavanijaya on Friday dropped a bombshell on Thaksin.

Gen Pichitr criticised him for making remarks deemed offensive to the royal institution during his recent phone-ins and video appearances at rallies.

He also wondered why the former prime minister had deposited a huge sum of money in the Caymans, known as a base for money laundering.

His remarks came amid reports that about 30 people in red shirts distributed leaflets criticising the royal institution in Phon district in Khon Kaen.

They were opposed by members of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), who lodged a lese majeste complaint against them.

UDD leader Jatuporn Prompan denied that the group’s ultimate goal was to insult the royal institution.

The UDD has called a big rally for Wednesday with Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda as its main target.

Earlier, Thaksin accused Gen Prem and Privy Councillor Surayud Chulanont of masterminding a coup in 2006 to topple him.

Mr Abhisit stressed that it was not necessary for the government to hold talks with Thaksin and shrugged off Thaksin’s remarks that the red-shirt rallies would lead to a social revolution.

He also said Thailand has been working with other countries to locate Thaksin and extradite him to serve his jail sentence.

Gen Prem left Bangkok for Nakhon Ratchasima on Friday.
Supporters of the Privy Council president gathered in front of his residence in the northeastern province to give him support. Banners backing Gen Prem were seen everywhere in the municipal areas.

About 150 supporters of the PAD, led by Supapol Iammethawee, also submitted letters to police, the provincial governor and the Second Army, asking government agencies, police and military authorities to take action against Thaksin and UDD leaders for criticising the Privy Council and provoking unrest.

Chaturon Chaisaeng, former leader of the now-dissolved Thai Rak Thai party, called on the government to set up a neutral committee to investigate the UDD’s allegations that certain privy councillors and judges had been involved in the coup, saying the probe would clear doubts and restore public confidence. He said the government should listen to the views of UDD supporters and avoid using violence against them.

He also proposed neutral people be invited to amend the constitution.

Bangkok Post

Privy Councilor Questions on Inaction against Fugitive PM


A Privy Councillor has questioned the lack of action against fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinnawtra for both his evasion of the court’s sentencing and improper remarks concerning the Monarchy.

Privy Councillor General Pijit Kunlawanich has questioned why ousted prime minister Thaksin has been allowed to avoid serving the sentence handed down to him by the court and also questioned the lack of action against him for his inappropriate remarks against the Monarchy.

General Pijit additionally commented that details of Thaksin’s suspected money laundering to a foreign country should be fully disclosed to the general public.

He also dismissed remarks made by some academics regarding the differences between Privy Councillors, saying he and other colleagues, including its President General, Prem Tinnasulanont,still hold regular meetings.

The General also insisted that the Privy Council has no policy of involvement in politics as some groups have suggested.

General Pijit is one of the Privy Councilors targeted by the core leaders of the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship.

Meanwhile, Personnel Spokesperson for the Democrat Leader, Thepthai Sennpong, stated that the recent speech by Privy Councilor Amphon Senanarong referring to the problems facing individuals with ill-intentions towards the monarchy was a warning to anyone planning to carry out such a campaign .

However, Thepthai advised privy councilors to be wary of making such remarks as they could face more intense criticism from the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship.

TOC News

What right you have: Privy Councillor Pichitr asked Thaksin

pijit_1Privy Councillor Pichitr Kullavanijaya Friday asked former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra what rights he has to avoid his jail term.

“The former prime minister has been sentenced to imprisonment but he would not accept the punishment. I would like to know what privilege he cited [to avoid the jail term],” Pichitr said.

The privy councillor said Thaksin had also mentioned the monarchy improperly several times but he had not been taken legal actions against.
Pichitr also asked why Thaksin had not been taken legal action against for laundering his money in Cayman Islands.

He said the Privy Council was united regarding its stand towards Thaksin.

Thaksin sues Privy Councillor for defamation

A lawyer filed a police complaint on Monday on behalf of Thaksin Shinawatra, accusing a privy councillor of defamation.

Lawyer Vichit Plangsrisakul, who submitted the complaint, said Gen Pichitr Kullavanijaya, an adviser to His Majesty the King, made defamatory remarks when he accused Thaksin of plotting to overthrow the monarchy and making Bt100 billion while serving as prime minister for six years.

During his interview with reporters at the Defence Ministry last week, Pichitr said he was informed by a former American ambassador that Thaksin had deposited his money in Cayman Islands, which is known as a haven for money laundering.

The retired general said Monday that he was not worried about the legal action by the fugitive expremier.

“I believe in what I said; they are all true,” he added.

Pichitr said that he would invite Ralph Boyce, the former US ambassador to Thailand who informed him about money laundering on Cayman Islands, to be his witness.

He also said he had learned that Thaksin spent his deposits in the Cayman Islands in his political

By The Nation, April 6.,2009

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