Thaksin is a childish, cowardly demon: Kasit


Says Thaksin a ‘demon’ for bringing up donations

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya yesterday lashed out at former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, calling him a “demon” and challenging him to a debate in any forum across the world.

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya lashed out on Tuesday at ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra who claimed that he had given money to Kasit on several occasions, saying the former PM should not be distorting information to damage his reputation.

Calling Thaksin demonic, Kasit said he was ready to challenge the former PM at any time, any place and in any language to set the record straight. He said he was also ready to take on the former leader in international news channels like CNN or BBC.

In a recent phonein from an unknown location, Thaksin said Kasit was against him because he had not been given the position he desired during Thakin’s administration.

The foreign minister said that when he was ambassador to Germany and Indonesia, he did get cash from Thaksin, who was PM then, on several occasions.

“However, I used the money on projects to help Thais abroad and gave some to the local staff members. I never used this money for myself,” Kasit told a press conference at his ministry.

He continued that if the former PM wanted that cash back, he was ready to return it.

“Is Thakin a human or a demon? Why does he want his donations back?” he asked at the press conference. 

With regard to Thaksin’s promise to return his passport, Kasit said he welcomed the decision and would appreciate it if Thaksin also returned his identity card and had his Thai nationality revoked.

“Thaksin has been a childish coward because he refuses to face prosecution and has been distorting information for his own benefit,” Kasit said.

By Supalak Ganjanakhundee
The Nation, March31. 2009



Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya yesterday lashed out at former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, calling him a “demon” and challenging him to a debate in any forum across the world.

Admitting the former PM had given him cash in the past, Kasit insisted he had not used any of it on himself; it had gone to local embassy staff or Thai people abroad.

The minister called a press conference yesterday at the Foreign Ministry after Thaksin launched a personal attack on Kasit during the phone-in on Monday night.

Thaksin accused Kasit of accepting money while he was Thai ambassador to several countries.

“The money was something like a donation to local staff. Why would Thaksin want to take money from a monk’s alms bowl?” Kasit asked.

“Is Thaksin a human or a hungry ghost? I did not count how much he had given me, but I think it was a few hundreds of thousands of baht. If you want it back, I will give you Bt1 million right now,” the foreign minister said.

“Some of the local embassy staff who took your money have died, so if you want the money back, please go and collect it in hell,” Kasit said.

The foreign minister said he was once close to Thaksin and admired him because they shared a dream to turn Thailand into a developed country. Kasit was a former adviser to Thaksin but defected saying he could not tolerate Thaksin’s corruption and conflicts of interest.

“I took to the streets to fight Thaksin but have never attacked him personally,” he said. “If you hit me under the belt, I challenge you, Thaksin, for a face off anywhere.

“Don’t use your lackeys, your street thugs to have a go at me,” Kasit said, referring to the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship rally which has criticised him occasionally.

The minister said if Thaksin did not want his Thai passport anymore, he would be happy to go personally and collect it from him.

However, Kasit said, he would not exercise his authority to terminate Thaksin’s normal Thai passport. The former PM’s diplomatic travel document was revoked shortly before Kasit took office three months ago.

“It is better if Thaksin returns his Thai citizenship, it would make this country clean,” Kasit declared.

Supalak Ganjanakhundee, The Nation, April 1. 2009

Kasit counters Thaksin’s claims

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya on Tuesday denied Thaksin Shinawatra’s claim he had asked for money and for the job of adviser to the finance minister when the fugitive deposed premier was in power.

At the time, Somkid Jatusripitak was finance minister, and Mr Somkid had approached him with the offer of a job as his adviser, Mr Kasit told  a press conference.

He also said that he had never asked thaksin for money , The  former prime minister had been the one handing out money, which he used to assist officials at Thai embassies abroad and expatriate Thais.

Mr Kasit said he had informed Thaksin how he spent the money.

If Thaksin would like to take back the money he used in helping Thais in Germany, he was willing to repay it. It was only a few hundred thousand baht, he added.

The foreign minister, who has close ties with the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), then challenged Thaksin to  a debate through the international media, possibly on the BBC. He said Thakskin excels only at speaking alone through a microphone.

He was also willing to fly to meet Thaksin to take away his Thai passport, as Thaksin had  claimed he would be willing to give it up if Ta hai official came  to get it.

“And if he is willing to give up Thai citizenship, then that would even be better,” he said.

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