PAD Leader: Thaksin Resents Privy Council Chief over Military Reshuffle


A key leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy says he believes the ousted prime minister’s campaign against the Privy Council President stems from his failure to meddle in an Armed Forces reshuffle.

Core leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, or PAD, Sondhi Limthongkul, stated in his Good Morning Thailand programme, that the current moves by exiled Thaksin Shinnawatra are an attempt to reclaim his frozen assets.

Sondhi claimed the ousted prime minister once contacted the now-defunct Assets Examination Committee to seek its lifting of an order freezing part of his assets.

The PAD leader believes Thaksin’s attacking of Privy Council President General Prem Tinnasulanonda stems from his failure to intervene in the reshuffles within the police force and the Armed Forces as the matter requires consideration of the Privy Council, which exclusively serves His Majesty the King.

Sondhi also condemned the Armed Forces commanders and the National Police chief for failing to take action over Thaksin’s verbal attack on General Prem. Sondhi said the ousted Premier’s attack of General Prem
could be considered as an attack of a highly-place institution. .

Sondhi went on to comment on the recent remarks made by former Deputy
Director of the Internal Security Command, General Panlop Pin-manee
regarding the involvement of some senior figures in the
2006 military coup .

He said General Panlop’s slanderous remarks show that he is not a real
soldier as claimed and added that his meeting with Thaksin in China
was believed to be motivated by financial reasons.

Sondhi also condemned Prime Minister’s Office Minister Sathit
Wongnontoei for not doing enough to prevent Thaksin’s
phone-ins. The minister earlier stated that he has kept an eye on
some staff members of the NBT who helped to facilitate the
broadcasting of Thaksin’s speeches via video link .

The PAD’s core leader said Sathit’s remarks show that he is still
sympathetic to banned politician Newin Chidchob whose
influence has been spelled out on the NBT station over recent years.

Sondhi also advised Sattit to resign from the post for his failure to
reform the state run media, so that the Prime Minister can seek
someone more suitable for his replacement.

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