Abac Poll Reveals Thais Unhappy about Thaksin’s Phone-in


The Abac Poll reveals 73.4% disagree with Thaksin’s speech concerning notable figures, while 69.4% are afraid that the phone in might escalate problems within the country.

Abac Poll Research Institute Director Doctor Nopadon Kannika revealed the results of an “Abac Real Time Poll” on the topic of people’s opinions towards former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s phone-in which includes samples from 18 provinces throughout Thailand, and had a total of 1,154 respondents.

The poll was conducted on March 29 using communication technology and computer networks with realtime assessment capabilities.

Results reveal that 95.5% of the people knew about Thaksin’s phone in, while 4.5% were not aware of it. However, when asked about Thaksin’s speech concerning notable figures in Thai society, 73.4% disagreed with it, while 15.6% agreed and 11% had no opinions on the subject.

69.4% felt uncomfortable after learning about the former prime minister’s phone-in, since it might cause instability in the country, while 23.3% felt comfortable after seeing and hearing Thaksin. 7.3% had no reaction, since it is a regular process in a democratic society.

An interesting topic to consider is people’s opinions on proposed solutions to Thailand’s political problems. 88.4% want Thais to unite, while 52.2% want the government to cooperate with the ex-prime minister to solve the country’s problems and 39.1% want Thaksin to return to Thailand.

TOC  News

Most Thais support Abhisit government

74.8 percent of Thai people thought the government clarified the opposition’s accusations well whereas 25.2 percent wanted more explanations. 

Bangkok University surveyed 1,137 respondents in Bangkok.

Most respondents were content with the government’s performance in the past three months.

They were also satisfied with the government’s clarification during the no-confidence debate.

The two-day censure debate ended on March 20.

64.8 percent said they wanted Abhisit government to further administrate the country.

 Issues which people wanted additional explanations included Foreign Minister Kasit Pirom’s behaviors in the past, money donation to Democrat Party as well as fake document concerning the premier’s military service.

March 24, 2009
Bangkok (ASTV Manager Online)


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