Signal from the red-shirts


On February 9, 2009, Mr. Ji Ungpakorn issued the ‘Red Siam’ statement, insulting Thailand’s royal institute. He also urged the red-shirt mob to change Thailand’s administrative system to socialism.

The statement makes lots of people believe that there is a rebellious movement in Thailand, that wants to get rid of the constitutional monarchy system.
The statement shows that Mr. Ji Ungpakorn is not only a marxist, but also an academic who fully supports Thaksin’s mean regime.

He once said that Thailand was now under the aristocratism, not democracy. People had to fight for democracy to allow the Thai Rak Thai Party to create a welfare state.

Some followers and students of Mr. Ji, who helped seek signatures to bring down the lese majeste law became heart-broken once he joined the red-shirt party and supported the robber baron system.

The Red Siam statement tells people that his target is to destroy the royal institute, not to get academic freedom as claimed.

On March 1, 2009, Mr. Ji issued another article, entitled ‘how can we support the  ‘red party‘‘. He issued the statement to signal red-shirt people to form the red party from the grassroots.

However, the Red Siam statement focuses only on superficial election system. Some members of the Election Commission have just revealed that the current EC is fake one. So, how can we trust the fake election system, which is the origin of the political power?

Politicians coming from a dirty election are the beginning of the robber baron system. They block the freedom of the press and amend the law to make themselves clean. Red-shirt people working for a Thaksin regime are becoming weak.

Consequently, the signal sent from Mr. Ji Ungpakorn reflects that the red-shirt party is losing the battle.

translated and summarized from ASTV Manager Daily;

Author: Parnthep Puapongphan; March 4, 2009


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