Thai turmoil tops list of 2008 world events

Political turmoil in Thailand, including the seizures of Government House and airports, has been included in China’s Xinhua news agency’s list of top ten events in 2008.

Thailand’s political turmoil got the third ranking in Xinhua’s list.

Under the title, “Thailand Rocked by Continued Political Turmoil”, the agency detailed the political chaos that was sparked by the anti-government group, the People’s Alliance for Democracy, on May 25, which led to the resignation of then-PM Samak Sundaravej and later the dissolution of Somchai Wongsawat’s administration. It also details the election of Democrat Party leaderVejjajiva Abhisit as prime minister and the red-shirted supporters of former PMShinawatra Thaksin surrounding the Parliament.

Other events included in the list were the sharp fluctuation in oil prices that left the world in jitters; the Nargis Cyclone that ravaged Burma; Beijing’s hosting of the Olympic and Paralympic Games; the world financial crisis hit; and Barack Obama winning the US presidential elections.

By The Nation
Published on January 1, 2009


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