My Praise for PAD, the Movement that Ousted Dirty Politics and Thaksin for Thailand



193 Days of mass gathering to protest against two successive pet-government under commands of the convicted fugitive corrupted ex prime ministers which have subjected them to threats, assaults, bomb attacks, malicious charges, legal battles.

 The People’s Alliance for Democracy, better known as PAD led by poor politicians, such as the homeless Chamlong Srimuang, and the reported bankrupting Sonthi Limthongkul and their alliances had prevailed until their goals are reached. 

Their goals are to oust the nominee government of the ousted ex-prime minister, to prevent these pet-governments from amending any laws to launder the criminal charges against Thaksin. and to see to it that those violated the election laws and the related criminal acts be prosecuted according to the judicial processes.

The human cost was 10 deaths and 700 injured, while the monetary and material cost are difficult to account accurately. Despite the malicious accusations from the opposition, the facts remained that PAD began with core supports from the well educated middle and upper class people who would normally preferred to stay out of both politics and social unrests.

As the PAD protest against the government went on, information passed through PAD’s leader’s media, the Manager daily newspaper and the ASTV, the movement gained supports from the broader bases of the people from those day workers to the street hawkers and the rural farmers.

When the police employed violent against the protester at the Government House, they have activated the full supports from the Labor Unions of the State Enterprises for PAD movement.

When the issues in disputes and the corresponding actions taken by both sides became known, supports grew into communities of  in the Northeast and the North of Thailand that were supposed to be the strongholds of Thaksin’s influence and even Thais overseas. 

People that supported PAD all came voluntarily and most bring along with them donation of money, food and materials ranging from automobiles, rice, cooked food, drinking water and cash contribution from 5 baht to 1 million baht.   Without this kind of wide spread and devoting supports, many doubts, even a person as rich as a billionnaire would be able to underwrite all the needed costs.  Nothing less than the commited hearts and bring this kind or enduring and tough supports that have brave all the wind, the sun, the threats, and the killings.

From my early childhood in Thailand, I have always heard that Thais are peace loving people, even in political conflict, there has never been any cases of injuries or deaths.

This time around the desperation of Thaksin and his pet-governments are clearly evidenced from their uses of violent and war weapons against the unarmed, unprovoked and mostly sleeping protesters.

The introduction of two deaths, a good and grateful working her way to support her family after graduation from university, a doctoral candidate can be example of the kind of people killed by M79 grenade launched by skillful arm experts hired by somebody, certainly linked to the government. Those ex-pet-governments would never give in to the people’s movement with no less than the court orders ousting them from some of their long records of law violations.

Without PAD movement, Thailand would still remain in the hand of the most abusive and most corrupted prime minister in Thai history.

Thai will have to live in a country with massive abuse of power, summary executions, corruptions, endangering the economy by turning millions of otherwise productive rural folks into his slaves of hand outs with public money, his destruction of all systems designed to check and counter balance the legislative and executive branches of the government for his own favor, changes all laws to enrich and to protects himself, domesticating most of the entire police force into his own house pets, etc.

Thais if surviving would be in the form of farm animals that may be slaughtered at will by Thaksin.

We have good reasons to thank the PAD leaders for their sacrifices and their efforts to lead this very important movement which will certainly be recorded into the brighter side of Thai political history. We and our children and their children’s children owe much to the courage and the supports in everyway from those millions of PAD supporters all over the country and all over the world.

Of course no uprising in any country is without costs. With PAD movement, I hope that Thailand will be given a chance to develop a sustainable society under the democratic systems in which the people understand and exercise their rights and their voices to collectively bring up a sustainable and livable society and economy.

PAD movement has provided us with the leadership as to how Thais can do and should do when the government servants, political or civil who received their salaries from our tax money betrayed the people.

The Spirit of PAD for Thailand, from here to eternity!

Piset / Thai Talk


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