PAD Announcement 29/2008: Conditions for New Government


With the Royal Decree on Thursday December 11, 2008 for the launch of an extraordinary Parliamentary session to allow the House of Representatives to select the new prime minister on Monday December 15, 2008, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has the following statement to make.

The PAD wants all politicians to realize that its 193-day rally is a great sacrifice of a large group of people, some with their lives. It has been successful in blocking an amendment to the Constitution, thus allowing the corruption cases against politicians and electoral fraud cases to be deliberated by the court, resulting in the current political change.

The sacrifice of the people must not be for a proxy government of the Thaksin regime to be set up, and the PAD does not want to see a mere change in the political alliance to seek benefits for a particularly political group.

The PAD wants to see a resolution to the problems of politics in the past, restoration of justice for the people, and a move ahead with the people to reform politics and install new politics that will not see a recurrence of past political crisis.

The PAD would like to announce its stance for the selection of the new prime minister in the extraordinary Parliamentary session as follows:

Firstly, the PAD opposes any proxy prime minister from the Pheu Thai Party and any prime minister from a political party that is part of a coalition involving the Pheu Thai Party, which is a newly-established proxy political party of the Thaksin regime.

Secondly, the PAD condemns threats, intimidation, negotiations, and payment to politicians for them to join the Pheu Thai in being able to form government without care to the damages to the country and the public.

Finally, the PAD will monitor the change in political alliance of the old-style politics and whether it will be able to break through the political crisis, deal with the Thaksin regime, and enter the era of new politics. The PAD, as representative of the public, issues 13 conditions for the new government.

1. Speed up the lese majeste cases against Jakrapob Penkair, Weera Musikapong, websites, publications, community radio stations, and crack down on the movement that endangers the Monarchy as a priority.

2. Announce its stance of not amending the 2007 Constitution or any other law that will whitewash the crimes of politicians, that will benefit politicians’ own interests, that will lessen the authority of the Monarchy or disturb the foundation of the country’s Constitutional Monarchy.

3. Support good and talented people into power; prevent evil people from taking power; managing the country with transparency; and stop unacceptable politicians or state officials, those with conflicts of interest, or those with corrupt tendency to take power.

4. Speed up corruption cases to enter the judicial process and prevent direct and indirect interference into the cases. Transfer state officials who have been serving the Thaksin regime out of power, such as the director-general of the Department of Special Investigation, the director-general of the Public Relations Department, the director of the Budget Bureau, the secretary-general of the Food and Drugs Administration, etc. Seize corrupt assets to become state assets once again.

For the benefit of the country, the new government should announce its stance in speeding up the Kao Kradong State Railway Authority of Thailand land violation case and the violation of public land in Satuk district of Buri Ram province. It should also cancel the rental contract for illegitimate shops at the Suvarnabhumi Airport and cancel the shows and prosecute state officials and private companies involved in the non-transparent rental of buying of airtime on the Public Relation Department’s Channel 11.

5. Cancel the passport of Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra, a runaway convict of the country.

6. Speed up the extradition process of Pol. Lt. Col. Thaksin Shinawatra, a runaway convict, to return to serve his jail term in Thailand immediately.

7. Announce the cancellation of the Thai-Cambodian joint communiqué that gave away Preah Vihear Temple and its surrounding areas to Cambodia and protect Thai sovereignty over its land and natural gas and oil resources in the Gulf of Thailand.

8. Speed up the eradication of a police state and transfer police officers who accuse, trick, and intimidate PAD supporters to an inactive post. Prosecute police officers involved in the killing of the people on October 7, 2008 and those who accuse the public of being traitors and terrorists, particularly Pol. Gen. Chongrak Chutanont, Pol. Lt. Gen. Suchart Muenkaew, Pol. Maj. Gen. Amnuay Nimmano, Pol. Lt. Gen. Somyos Poompanmuang, Pol. Col. Luechai Sudyod, etc. Restore justice for the police officers who have been honest and brave in protecting the people’s interest through promotions in their job.

9. Speed up the cases and prosecute those implicated by the National Human Rights Commission and the Senate committees for being involved in the killing of the people, such as Somchai Wongsawat, Gen. Chavalit Yongjaiyudh, and state officials. Prosecute thugs who side with the government in hurting and killing protesters to the fullest extent.

10. Stop using state media to issue propaganda and lie to the public for the Thaksin regime, particularly the ‘Truth Today’ program on NBT station and its hosts. Launch a media reform to allow the public access to complete information to benefit the country and the people.

11. Cancel large-scale and non-transparent projects that will lead to the demise of the country, such as the 4,000 NGV bus rental, the construction of the new Parliament, etc.

12. Cancel the 1999 State Enterprise Bill and replace it with a state enterprise development and restructuring plan for the utmost benefit of the people. Restore privatized state enterprises as state property, especially PTT.

13. Show the stance of supporting the public in building new politics with greater public participation in politics to ensure true democracy for politics, the economy, and the society accordingly to the way of the PAD and to prevent a future political crisis.

The PAD calls on politicians who are forming the new government to consider the ideologies of the people and heroes who have sacrificed for the country more than negotiations to compete for benefits by different political groups. The new government should announce its stance and follow the above conditions so as not to disappoint the people and prevent them from losing faith in the current political system.

If the conditions and ideologies of the PAD are denied or ignored, it is ready to stage activities according to the situation.

With deepest respect,
People’s Alliance for Democracy
December 12, 2008



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