Senior Citizen:Exiled PM Thaksin Shinawatra must let go


A senior citizen warns politicians to think about the nation as a priority and suggests that the exiled prime minister let go and cease his political movements.

Senior citizen and well-known academic, Dr. Prawet Wasi has warned politicians to be themselves and think about the nation as priority as the country needs sacrifice. At the same time, he suggested that exiled Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra stop making political movements and let go so he can find peace of mind. Dr. Prawet also urged all parties to let go of Thaksin and join hands to help the country move forward.

Asked to comment about the exiled premier’s possible phone-in to a pro-Thaksin mobile rally called ‘Truth Today’ on December 13, Dr. Prawet said it may only have a small impact on the current political situation compared to before because Thai society is fed up with conflicts and divisions.

The senior citizen also warned the new prime minister to be cautious in enforcing power by using Thaksin’s failure as an example.

He added that the formation of the new government must not be a proxy of anyone because a lot of Thai people were unsure whether the previous two administrations led by Samak Sundaravej and Somchai Wongsawat served the country or just a particular group of people.

Dr. Prawet declined to comment on whether Democrat Leader Abhisit Vejjajiva is suitable for the premiership post, saying only that he is a friend of Abhisit’s father, Dr. Atthasit Vejjajiva.

Dr. Prawet said that he has known Abhisit since he was young and finds him honest, talented, and well-educated despite not being an expert in all areas, but that Abhisit can learn to improve his flaws.



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