All Party List MPs of the Disbanded Parties Should Be Disqualified?


Here’s a piece of news on the subject from the Nation:
40 senators seek rulings on party-list MPs, caretaker Cabinet status

A group of 40 senators Thursday submitted a letter to the Senate speaker to seek rulings from the Constitution Court on status of Lists of the People Power and status of the caretaker Cabinet.

The group asked Senate Speaker to forward their letter to the Constitution Court to seek an ruling whether People Power Party List MPs should be disqualified after their Party was dissolved.

The group also asked the court to rule whether Deputy Prime Minister Chaovarat Chanweerakul could become caretaker prime minister since he is not an MP.

The senators also asked the court to rule whether the entire caretaker Cabinet should be disqualified as several of them are People Power Party List MPs who may not be allowed to switch to a new Party if the court rules that they should lose their status along with their Party dissolution.

Logically, party-list MPs are appointed based on the votes received by the political party.  When their political parties are dissolved, such political parties no longer exist, thus, there is no basis for the legitimacy of these party-list MPs any longer.  PPP had been allocated 39 party-list MPs in the house.  Therefore, all these 39 MPs must be disqualified as the party from which they were on the “List” no longer exist.

This would include Chai Chidchob, the house speaker and many of the current cabinet members.

The acting-PM might be in a safer status, as he was an outsider, the law has required the PM to be an elected MPs, not the acting-PM.

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