Who was behind the bomb attacks?


“There have been a series of brutal bomb attacks against the supporters of the PAD, who are mostly women, the elderly and children.” 

It was hopeless to expect any official protection or proper investigation of the attacks. “Nothing had been done about the grenade attacks!”

Tuesday August 26, 2008 15:30

PAD storms Government House     

Bangkok Post


03:20 am  30 October 2008

Makawan Bridge near Government House


Six volunteer security guards were injured from a bomb thrown at People’s Alliance for Democracy rally site at the Makawan Rangsan Bridge.

Bangkok Post

A man was found killed behind the Metropolitan Police head office at 5:30 am Thursday. The man was identified as Sangwian Rujmora, 46, a resident of Bangkok’s Phra Khanong district. He was shot once at his left eyebrow and was hit by hard objects over his body.

The Nation

03:25 am 20 November 2008

Government House


24 PAD Injured by Morning Bomb Attack, 1 Dead

One protester was killed and 26 other were injured when a bomb exploded inside the Government House complex in front of the main stage of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, just a day after the so-called ceasefire during the royal cremation period.

The guards speculated that the bomb might be fired from behind the Civil Service Commission head office or from a building of the office.

Jenjit Kladsakorn, 48, died upon arrival at hospital from a neck wound caused by shrapnel.

2:10 am  22 November 2008

Misakawan Intersection outside the Government House


Bomb Attack at PAD Injures 8, 2 Critically

Two unidentified men on motorcycle shot an M-79 grenade at the PAD gathering near Misakawan intersection. Eight protesters were injured, one brain-dead, after two assailants launched a grenade at them at the Misakawan Intersection outside the Government House

The two critically injured men are 33-year-old Ekapol Sahawat, with wounds to his back, arms, and legs; and 22-year-old Anupong Samerpark, with blunt-force trauma to his forehead causing hemorrhaging to the brain

A taxi driver who was parked in front of the First Area Army headquarters said he saw four teenagers on two motorcycles park their vehicles behind the Metropolitan Police headquarters on the Education Ministry side. One of the teens wore a white t-shirt and one of the motorcycles is a red Honda Nova. Then, he heard a loud bang and saw a red fireball land where PAD volunteer guards were sitting. Next, an explosion happaned and he saw the group of teens fled in the direction of the Wangdaeng intersection.

Before the explosion happened, witnesses noted a white BMW car drive around the explosion site a couple of times.

3.40 am  24 November 2008

ASTV headquarters


4 Bombs at Banglampu Area, 2 Targeting ASTV Office

The first bomb hit a police kiosk at the Banglampu intersection. About five minutes later, another bomb went off close to a small park area on the Sib Sam Hang Road, close to the first bomb site.

Simultaneously, two bombs exploded in the Chaopraya River, behind the ASTV headquarters on Phra Arthit Road.

PAD volunteer guard who was on duty at the ASTV headquarters said he heard a gunshot from the opposite side of the river. All of the guards then crouched low on the ground while keeping their eyes on the opposite side of the river. They saw a bright light like a firecracker which caused a loud explosion in the river.

A second bomb was then shot from the same location a few seconds later. It fell into the Chaopraya River, a few meters away from the Manager speedboat, docked behind the ASTV headquarters.

09.00 pm 25 November 2008

Suvarnabhumi closed



Late Wednesday 26 November 2008

Don Mueang airport closed


Protesters have blocked the entrance to the terminal of Don Mueang Airport

Supporters of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) started massing at the old Don Mueang airport , aiming to prevent ministers from flying to Chiang Mai in the north to meet Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat

The prime minister returned from a summit in Peru, landing in Chiang Mai on Wednesday evening, soon after the powerful army chief urged the premier to call new elections to end six months of turmoil in the kingdom. Somchai refused, and called a cabinet meeting

04:30am 26 November 2008

Suvarnabhumi Airport


Three explosions were heard outside the outbound passenger terminal of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 4:30 am. The explosion sounds frightened the protesters as police vehicles rushed to the scene.

Police said two grenades were fired from an M79 launcher.

06:30am 26 November 2008

Don Muang Airport

The Nation

An explosion  happened at Don Muang Airport, where protesters led by the Peoples Alliance for Democracy were rallying. The figure of injured protesters at Don Muang airport was still confusing.

Channel 3 reported that two were injured but Channel 9 reported that five were injured, two severely.

Channel 3 added that a grenade was also launched at the protesters but it did not explode.

09.00 pm, 27 November 2008

Somchai addresses the nation  to declare state of emergency at Don Mueang, Suvarnabhumi


01:50 am , 28 November 2008

ASTV head office


ASTV bombarded with grenades, gunfire

Assailants fired two M79 grenades against the ASTV head office early Friday morning, apparently trying to blow off satellite transponder dishes on the roof.

The assailants arriving on a long-tail boat also fired assault rifles at the back of the head office building for about five minutes before speeding off to the direction the Pin Klao bridge.

The explosions of the two grenades shattered the glass windows on the fourth floor.

The bullets and explosions also damaged the window glasses from the first to the third floors as well.

During the attack, a new announcer, Natthawut Mitmark, ducked for cover and his hands were cut by broken glasses.

Meanwhile, s series of gunshots were heard near Don Muean Airport where protesters led by the People’s Alliance for Democracy were occupying. Over ten gunshots were heard at about 4:50 am in an area in front of the airport.

PAD guards said they saw a man in a black pick-up truck firing into the air. Then at 6:30 am, dozens of gunshots were heard again, sending PAD guards to run around to check the incident.

11:50 pm Saturday 29 November 208

Government House


Bomb exploded inside Government House, ASTV station and Don Mueang Airport

The bomb, reportedly M79 type, exploded just 200 metres away from the main stage inside the Government House. It was fired outside the rally ground from a similar direction of the recent attack at the site.

There were another explosion at ASTV station on Phra Arthit Road at  00.15 on Sunday morning, just around 25 minutes away from the attack at Government House. Two bombs are reportedly exploded at the ASTV office. Witnesses also heard the gunfire lasting about 10 minutes. No injury was reported

Later on at 3:55 am, a bomb exploded near a bunker made of tyres at the Don Mueang Airport. The explosion occurred at the main entrance to the passenger terminal. Before the explosion occurred, about 7 gunshots were heard from the direction of a warehouse deeper inside the airport compound.

03:55 am 30 November 2008

Don Muang Airport

The Nation The explosion caused turmoil inside the terminal where protesters were sleeping. They woke up and ran in panic.

A bomb exploded near a bunker made of tyres at the DonMueang Airport early Sunday. The explosion occurred at 3:55 am at the main entrance to the passenger terminal.

Before the explosion occurred, about 7 gunshots were heard from the direction of a warehouse deeper inside the airport compound. Noone was injured in the explosion

00:15 am Tuesday 2 December 2008

Don Mueang Airport


1 killed, 22 injured in bomb attack at Don Mueang

An assailant fired a grenade into the inbound passenger terminal building of the Don Mueang Airport early Tuesday.

The grenade, believed to be an M79, pieced broke a glass window pane of the terminal and exploded inside the terminal.  Kriangkrai Piayu, a guard from Nakhon Sawan, said he saw a man waling on the Don Mueang Tollway when he heard the explosion. The man then sped off in a vehicle.

The attack came after the PAD deserted and ended its occupation of the Government House for security reasons, saying it would be safer for protesters to rally at the Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports.


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