Thaksin in border town of Koh Kong, Cambodia?


Thai Rath reports that convicted and exiled former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin is in the Cambodian border town of Koh Kong

Thaksin in Koh Kong

Dec 1,2008, The lead article on Thai Rath is that Thaksin is in Koh Kong, Cambodia to monitor the situation. Senior ex-TRT people and PPP executives, about 1o people, went to visit Thaksin. Thaksin is moving around and is close to the border.

 Source: Bangkok Pundit

Thaksin: Catch me if you can…(because I am still on the run….)

Latest rumours had it that he is probably in Koh Kong in Cambodia to direct every move of the “red shirts” especially today when the Constitutional Court is scheduled to hear “closing statements” from the three political parties — People’s Power Party included — against whom the Public Prosecutor had filed dissolution charges

Source: Thai Talk

News of Thaksin staying in Koh Kong denied by Cambodian officials

Koh Santepheap newspaper

2nd December, 2008
Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

Koh Kong – A Police Commissioner of Koh Kong province, Lt-Col. Srey Phat, has denied rumours that former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra is living secretly in Koh Kong in order to follow the political situations in Thailand.

Sources from Thai newspapers reported on 1st December that Mr. Thaksin has travelled from Hong Hong to Koh Kong secretly so that he can follow political situations in Thailand closely. The reports said that Thaksin’s arrival in Koh Kong was also to inspect the constructions of his “Entertainment Complex” in Koh Kong in a joint venture with an Abu Dhabi company to develop Koh Kong into a hotel, casino and entertainment hubs.

Political analysts said that Mr. Thaksin has invested in Koh Kong before political crisis took place in Thailand and that his investments in Cambodia will not be complicated by the political situations in Thailand. But some Thai officials said that after the UK had cancelled Mr. Thaksin’s visa, only Cambodia will provide him with the asylum. But they warned Cambodia not to offer political asylum to Mr. Thaksin.

Despite the rumours of Mr. Thaksin’s arrival secretly in Koh Kong, there are no official confirmation from Cambodian officials. On the contrary, they rejected the rumours as totally untrue.

Source: Khmerization


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