Pojaman: SHE is back. What’s she up to?


Ex-wife of fugitive former PM Thaksin Shinawatra and her daughter are due to return home on Friday night.

She is back but is she really devorced from politics?  That raises the question again of whether her “divorce” from Thaksin is for real. Or was it another political ploy?

 Potjaman Shinawatr, officially Thaksin’s ex-wife, flew in from Hong Kong on TG 6078 at 10.30 tonight. The timing was intriguing: it’s the first day that Suvarnabhumi was reopened with full services. It is also the weekend of hectic political lobbying among members of the disbanded People’s Power Party to form the new government amidst signs that some factions within PPP may switch allegiance. Thaksin was said to have been busy negotiating terms on the phone with some faction leaders.

But she isn’t supposed to be involved in politics. And Thaksin told the Dubai-based Arabian Business newspaper just last week that his wife had divorced him because she didn’t want him to get involved in politics anymore.

One report says she is back here to sort out the financial side of her divorce. But political observers here say the timing of her return has prompted speculation that she may be helping Thaksin to do some on-the-spot sorting out of the political horse-trading here.

Is she still on the wanted list? Officials say she is appealing the court’s three-year imprisonment ruling against her for evasion of tax in the transfer of Shinawatra & Communications Co worth 546 million baht. In another case, the Supreme Court for Political Office Holders acquitted her from the Rachada land deal — in which Thaksin was sentenced to two years in prison without probation.

Thai Talk

Ex-wife of Thaksin to return home Friday night

Pojaman and her youngest daughter; Paethongtarn will return to Bangkok from Hong Kong by Thai International Airways at about 10.30pm.

Pojaman was granted bail after being convicted on tax evasion charge is reportedly arriving Bangkok from Hong Kong.

Thaksin had said that he and Pojaman decided to divorce, ending 12-year marriage because Pojaman did not want him to re-enter the Thai politics. Many believe that the divorce was for political reason.

Her return, if true, was coincided with a meeting of Pheu Thai Party to elect new party leader scheduled on Sunday. The party is a spare part of People Power Party which was dissolved by the Constitution Court this week and its executive members were banned from politics for five years.
Immigration Police Commissioner Lt Gen Chatchawal Suksomjit confirmed Friday that Pojaman Shinawatra will return to Bangkok at about 10 pm Friday night.
Chatchawal said immigration police had no arrest warrant against Pojaman so she would pass through normal immigration procedure.

The Nation


P.S of the P.S.

It is only Pojaman and her daughter who got the exceptional highest security treats when they are back to Bangkok on the night of Dec5, isn’t it? They got bypass of the security checking , usual passport checking and custom office right at the flight seats.  So long as major tax fraudster bail-jumper criminal with connection can bypass such checking, Suwannapoom and Donmang are still never safe places.

Ronayos, www.antithaksin.com

She is back but is she really devoced from politics?

Khunying Pojaman Shinawatr (is she still using Thaksin’s family name?) flew back to Bangkok last night. And nobody believes she isn’t on some important political mission.

It’s strange but true. All page one headlines in the local press this morning were unanimous that she is back here to clear up the mess after the People’s Power Party (PPP) was ordered disbanded together with two others. All PPP MPs were supposed to walk straight into Peau Thai Party, the brand new home set up a few weeks ago to carry on Thaksin’s political venture. But with Newin Chidchob’s faction of about 37 MPs showing signs of a defection and the emergence of other uncertainties, the stage is set for a new round of turmoil. And she apparently is here to make sure that the “right” man becomes the next prime minister.

Pojaman, according to some insiders, is here to sort out her financial arrangements after she and Thaksin signed divorce papers some two weeks ago presumably in Hong Kong. But the timing of her return (Peau Thai Party is scheduled to hold its first major meeting tomorrow) has inevitably pointed all political analysts to one direction.

That raises the question again of whether her “divorce” from Thaksin is for real. Or was it another political ploy?

Pojaman is appealing the court’s ruling that handed down a three-year jail term for her evasion of some 546 million baht in tax when she transferred a major chunk of stocks of Shinnawatr Computers and Communications to her relatives. She has been acquitted in another case — the Rajada land deal — in which Thaksin was given a two-year jail term without probation.

The Thaksin-Pojaman “split-up-and-fight” saga has just begun.

Suthichai Yoon



FOLLOW IT WITH THE EDITOR  Pojaman’s return and Newin’s revolt

Among the first questions: Will she be arrested? The only arrest warrant against her, in her capacity as a defendant in the Ratchadapisek land case, has been cancelled after she was acquitted. She was sentenced to jail in a seperate case of tax evasion, but she is still technically in the process of appeal.

Why is she back? Look what Snoh and the Newin group have to say now about the next prime minister and we shall know the answer. Unlike her husband, Pojaman has never spoken politics in public. In fact, I have never seen her spoken anything in public. But she is known to be very effective when it comes to backdoor arrangements.

Get ready for renewed talks about Chalerm and Mingkwan as the new PM.  As for Chuan and Abhisit, it’s back to “so near yet so far” once again

WOMAN OF INFLUENCE : Pojaman back in the countryArrives ahead of Pheu Thai Party meeting tomorrow to choose leader

Democrat secretary-general believes Pojaman’s return will worsen situation– Suthep said he had learnt that Pojaman, ex-wife of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, made contacts with certain politicians Friday night after she return to Bangkok.

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