8 die and 737 injured during PAD protests


From May 25 to December 2, eight people were killed and 737 injured in violent incidents relating to anti-government protests by the People’s Alliance for Democracy and counter rallies by the pro-government crowds

Protest casualties tallied at eigth deaths and 737 injured

The casualties happened in Bangkok and surrounding areas as compiled by the Erawan emergency medical service.

The upcountry clashes between yellow shirt protesters and red shirt crowds have yet to be tallied. In one incident, PAD supporter Settha Jiamkitwattana, 60, was shot dead in Chiang Mai.

The eight victims killed include seven killed in Bangkok and Settha in Chiang Mai.

Angkhana Radabpanyawut, 27, killed by explosive impact during the October 7 violent crackdown that police shot tear gas into the PAD-led crowds.

Police officer Methee Chartmontri died in an explosion from a car parked near Chart Thai Party headquarters on October 7.

Jenkit Kladsanorn, 48, killed in a grenade attack against the PAD rally site inside Government House on November 20.

Yuthapong Samerpak, 29, died in an explosion while performing his duty as a PAD guard at the rally site near Mitsakawan Intersection on November 22.

Kamolwan Muennoo, 27, died in a bomb attack while joining the PAD-led rally inside Government House on November 30.

Ronachai Chaisri, 29, killed in a grenade attack against the PAD-led rally site at Don Mueang on December 2.

Narongsak Kobthaisong, 55, shot dead while joining the pro-government crowds to clash with PAD-led protesters at Makhawan Rangsan Bridge on september 2.

The Nation

8 die and 737 injured during PAD protests

Bangkok – 8 people died and 737 people have been injured during May 25-December 2 protests, according to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)’s Erawan Center.

Narongsak Kobsaithong, pro-government supporter, died after a clash between the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) and People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) on September 2.

Six PAD protesters were dead because of violent crackdown and bomb blasts. They were Angkana Radabpanyavut, Pol Lt Col Methee Chatmontri, Jenkij Kladsakorn, Yuthapong Samuepak, Kamonwan Muennoo and Ronnachai Chaisri.

This is not to mention Settha Jiamkijvattana who was shot by the DAAD member in Chiang Rai.

The PAD has started its protest on May 25 and just ended the protests at the Government House, Don Muang Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport on December 3.

Attaining its goal to stop the charter change and bring down Somchai government, the PAD decided it is time to take a break from political movement.

However, the PAD already announced it would stage the protest as soon as Thaksin-related government were formed.

Manger Online


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