PAD Announce “Victory of the People”


People’s Alliance for Democracy Announcement 27/2008
Victory of the People

       The People’s Alliance for Democracy has been rallying for 192 days since May 25, 2008 for the two objectives, which are to oppose attempts to amend the 2007 Constitution and to drive out the proxy-killer government in order to pave the way for new politics.
       Throughout the 192 days of protest, the longest protest seen in Thai history, the PAD has carried out its duties of protecting the nation, religion, the Monarchy and the Constitution. It is an achievement of the PAD in being able to protect the 2007 Constitution, leading to the possibility of the Thai judicial system being able to prove the wrongdoings of politicians.
       The Constitution Court’s verdict is clear proof that the previous administration’s power was not obtained through democracy under the Constitution but was accomplished through electoral fraud and that the rally by the People’s Alliance for Democracy was legitimate.
       The Constitution Court’s verdict leads the People’s Alliance for Democracy to realize the two goals of its protest.
       1. The People’s Alliance for Democracy is victorious in its attempt to protect the 2007 Constitution and made it possible for three ruling coalition political parties to be disbanded for electoral fraud.
       2. The PAD is victorious in being able to drive out the proxy-killer government.
       The PAD now declares that the victory it attained in meeting the
       objectives of its gathering on December 2, 2008 is a “victory of the people.”
       Now that the PAD has achieved its goals and on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s birthday, the PAD realizes there is no need for it to continue its rally.
       Therefore, the PAD calls an end to its rally at Government House, the Suvarnabhumi Airport, and the Don Muang Airport on December 3, 2008.
       As the current period is now a period of a political vacuum in the country, the PAD would like to call on whichever side that attains power to run the country to find a solution for the current problems and not to create conditions for another political turmoil in the country. Do not bring to power people from the Thaksin regime. Address the wrongdoings conducted by those in the Thaksin regime. Join with the people in making new politics a reality.
       The PAD would like to make the following pledges.
       1. If a proxy government of the Thaksin regime is set up again or if there is an attempt to amend the Constitution or the law to whitewash the wrongdoings of those in the Thaksin regime, to benefit politicians, or to lessen the power of the King, the PAD will return.
       2. From now on, if there is any government which comes into power but is insincere in its efforts to launch new politics with the people, the PAD will return.
       We would like to sincerely thank the people for being part of this
       historic event. Until we meet again when the country needs us.
       With deepest respect,
       People’s Alliance for Democracy
       December 2, 2008


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