1 killed, 22 injured in bomb attack at Don Mueang


An assailant fired a grenade into the inbound passenger terminal building of the Don Mueang Airport early Tuesday, killing one protester and injuring 22 others.


Five of them were severely injured in the attack at 00:15 am Tuesday morning.
Guards of the People’s Alliance for Democracy said they saw an attack on the Don Mueang Tollway who sped off in a vehicle to the direction of Rangsit area after the attack.
The explosion caused turmoil inside the terminal where protesters were sleeping. They woke up and ran in panic.

Protesters and PAD guards said the grenade, believed to be an M79, pieced broke a glass window pane of the terminal and exploded inside the terminal.

Two injured protesters were rushed to the General Hospital, 7 to Bhumibhol Hospital and 14 to Mongkut Watana Hospital.

Ronnachai Chaisri, 29, from Songkhla province’s Sabayoi district, died on his way to the Bhumiphol hospital.

Three severely-injured protesters at the Bhumiphol are Prasong Kongprasutr, 55, Somsak Chaisuwan 46 and Wijai Wijan, 43. They were hit by bomb shrapnel on their abdomen and received urgent surgeries to save their life.

Two injured protesters at the Central General are in critical condition. They are Phanchawee Suphatpong, 66, and Piyachart Daengpuangpaibul, 30. Phanchawee was hit at her headd while Piyachart at his knee.

Kriangkrai Piayu, a guard from Nakhon Sawan, said he saw a man waling on the Don Mueang Tollway when he heard the explosion.

The man then sped off in a vehicle.

“The attacker is very inhumane to attack the innocent people. He should have attacked us, guards, instead,” Kriangkrai said.

A protester said he saw a flash of light from the direction of the tollway and a window pane was smashed and then the explosion followed.

The attack came after the PAD deserted and ended its occupation of the Government House for security reasons, saying it would be safer for protesters to rally at the Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports.


 The Nation

Bomb Attack at Don Muang Kills 1

A bomb attack at Don Muang Airport kills one PAD protester and injured 24 others.At 0.15 am, unknown assailants opened fire on PAD protesters at Don Muang Airport around the inbound passenger terminal.


29-year-old Ronnachai Chaisri from Sabayoi district in Songkhla province passed away from being hit in the back of the head by bomb shrapnel while being transported to the Mongkut Wattana Hospital.

15 people were sent to the Mongkut Wattana Hospital to receive medical treatment, with one in critical condition while seven were sent to the Bhumibol Hospital, with one in critical condition and two others sent to the Central General Hospital.

PAD core leader Somsak Kosaisuk inspected the site of the bomb attack and visited those injured. He also asked the remaining protesters to gather in front of the stage as the area is the safest place.

Somsak believes the attack was the shooting of M-79 grenades from the tollway to create chaos on this day when the Constitution Court will deliver its ruling on the electoral fraud committed by executives of the People Power, Chart Thai, and Matchimathipataya parties.



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