Southern Businessmen: PM Should Resign and Lift State of Emergency


Southern businessmen are demanding that the prime minister resign, take responsibility for the current political unrest and lift the state of emergency due to its damaging effects on business and tourism.

Chaweng Luksanawilat, a representative of the Southern businessmen group said that the announcement of the state of emergency has negatively impacted on the business sector which is already suffering due to the global financial crisis.

The group are demanding that the government lift the state of emergency and that Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat prioritise the country and show responsibility for the political unrest by resigning, as the government are currently failing to efficiently oversee the country and the economy.

Sunet Suwannaprom, a speaker for the Southern businessmen group, said that a state of emergency could be legitimate in dangerous areas such as the three southern provinces, but putting the emergency decree to use in Bangkok would bring businesses to a standstill.

Though the group opposes resorting to a military coup, they have said that a coup would be preferable to the current situation, or a replay of the events on October 7. Sunet also said that further developments are predicted within the next couple of days.

Anan Sangwan, a member of the Gems and Jewelry Export Group, said that the PM’s announcement of the state of emergency will have a significant affect on tourism and exports, adding that the move is both undemocratic and contradictory of the constitution.

He went on to say that the proxy government has caused too many problems for the country and called for the prime minister to take responsibility by offering his resignation.


Air Force Chief Calls for House Dissolution

Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal Ittaporn Supawong calls for the government not to remain in power any longer and to dissolve the House of Representatives so power can be returned to the people. He questions Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, asking why he is worried about a new round of general elections when he has the majority votes in his hand.

He urges everyone to accept the judicial process and reiterates the Air Force will side with justice. He adds he does not fear dismissal from his post.



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