MUST READ: PAD Clearifies Decision to Surround Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi Airport


What does the People’s Alliance for Democracy have to gain from this long struggle?

A country that is free of corruption, crony capitalism, and nepotism. There is no financial gain to be made.


Sondhi Limthongkul has already came out on several occasions and spoke about how he was offered more than 500 million baht for ASTV, but declined the offer knowing that it would be the end to INDEPENDENT Media free from the governments control.



Pipob Thongchai has no business interest he is well known for his free educational schools in the provinces.




Somkiat Pongpaiboon, is a former academic and now politician who wants to see change in society.




Somsak Kosaisuk, is a leader of the state enterprises confederation who fought against the privatization of state enterprises.




Chamlong Srimuang is a former army general, Bangkok governor and now an organic farmer who has a leadership school for civil servants as well as looking after unwanted street dogs. Not quite a group of capitalist bent on gaining from this long enduring struggle.


Several people have asked why have the PAD has resorted to protesting at Suvanaphumi airport?

The PAD has protested for more than six months, holding several mini rally’s around the city. We have protested at the ECC, Metropolitan Police Bureau, UK Embassy, Silom, Siam Square and several other areas in the capital to protest the corruption and lies within the government.

The Samak Sundaravej and Somchai Wongsawat governments both claim they came from free and fair democratic elections?

If that is true why is there coalition government consisting of the People Power Party, Chart Thai and Matchima Tipataya Party close to being dissolved due to electoral violations and accusations of vote buying? So, is it fair to say they had to cheat to win? If they do have the support they claim? Why would it be necessary to go such measures to win votes?

Is Thai Media free from government intervention?

It’s funny that the Pro-Government supporters who have a TV program on NBT Channel 11are bent on voicing their opposition against the PAD while they are broadcast on FREE TV, while ASTV is only available to those who have access to internet, members of provincial cable (which mind you only reaches 20-30% of the population), and viewer who purchase Free to Air satellites.

So, in other words the people who support the PAD have had to go out of their way to listen to what the PAD has to say and not the PRO-Government Propaganda that is being aired. So, you could say the made a conscientious choice to listen to ASTV instead.

This government loves to speak of their populist policies? But always forget about the criminals within their party

Why doesn’t this government ever talk about the former party members who have been jailed such as Somchai (Kamnan Poh) the father of Sonthaya Khunplume former tourism minister or Wattana Asavahame who have both fled the country after their convictions of corruption? Let’s not forget the other person they are protecting Thaksin Shinawatra.

For the last 6 months, the government has chosen to ignore hundreds of thousands of Thai citizens who have dome out to show opposition toward this administration. The PAD realizes that the airport closures will drastically affect Thailand on a variety of dimensions. However, we will no longer be ignored.







People’s Alliance for Democracy Announcement on
The Ultimatum for the Prime Minister to Resign Immediately and Without Condition


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