ASTV bombarded with grenades, gunfire


Assailants fired two M79 grenades against the ASTV head office early Friday morning, apparently trying to blow off satellite transponder dishes on the roof.

The assailants arriving on a long-tail boat also fired assault rifles at the back of the head office building for about five minutes before speeding off to the direction the Pin Klao bridge.

The attack came at about 1:50 am, police and ASTV officials said.

ASTV security officials apparently anticipated the attempts to destroy the dishes and used a net to shield bombs. The net caused the grenades to explode at the level of the fourth floor.

The explosions of the two grenades shattered the glass windows on the fourth floor.

The bullets and explosions also damaged the window glasses from the first to the third floors as well.

During the attack, a new announcer, Natthawut Mitmark, ducked for cover and his hands were cut by broken glasses.

Worarat Phusathong, a reporter, said he was leaving the office when he heard two explosions.

He ran outside and heard gunshots at the back of the building for about five to ten minutes.

The bullets ripped through the glass windows of some studios, he said.

When police arrived at the scene, they arrested Pornchai Sanguanpoj, 41, an ASTV security official, and took him to be questioned at the Chana Songkram police station.

Police found 6 rounds of 11-mm caliber pistol on him. Pornchai said he was shooting back at the assailants when police arrived at the scene so he threw his gun into the river.

Early Monday, assailants also fired two grenades at the ASTV head office but the bombs hit the net and fell into the river.


Meanwhile, s series of gunshots were heard near Don Muean Airport where protesters led by the People’s Alliance for Democracy were occupying.

Over ten gunshots were heard at about 4:50 am in an area in front of the airport.
PAD guards said they saw a man in a black pick-up truck firing into the air.

Then at 6:30 am, dozens of gunshots were heard again, sending PAD guards to run around to check the incident.

Protesters at the Don Muang Airport

Protesters at the Don Muang Airport


HOT CLIP: ASTV Anchor Takes Cover as Shots Fired at ASTV

ASTV Anchor Rutthawut Mitrmak takes cover as he hears gunshots and explosions outside the ASTV studios.The ASTV studios were attacked at around 2 A.M. last night. M-79 bombs, which were followed by gunfire, were launched at ASTV headquarters while ASTV News1 was broadcasting live from its studio.


Anchor Nutthawut Mitrmak took cover under the desk as assailants opened fire into the studio and several other sections of the building. He was slightly injured by broken glass.

M-79 bombs were found to have caused extensive damage to the first and second floors of the building.

Assailants also gunned down windows and balconies on the third and fourth floors, where TOC’s studios and editorial staff are housed. Minor damage was found in TOC’s studio as well.




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