Another Bomb Attack at PAD Injures 8, 2 Critically


In a series of bomb attacks,

Eight protesters were injured, one severely, after two assailants launched a grenade at them at the Misakawan Intersection outside the Government House early Saturday.

Two unidentified men on motorcycle shot an M-79 grenade at the PAD gathering near Misakawan intersection, injuring eight protesters, with two in critical condition.

The Dusit Police arrived at the scene of the explosion to investigate the case at 2 am. Police found a crater, 10 centimeters wide, where the bomb fell and exploded, pools of blood, and shrapnel from the bomb.

Two pick-up trucks parked close to the site of the explosion also sustained damages.

Officers collected the shrapnel to determine the type of the explosive.

The two critically injured men are 33-year-old Ekapol Sahawat, with wounds to his back, arms, and legs; and 22-year-old Anupong Samerpark, with blunt-force trauma to his forehead causing hemorrhaging to the brain and a coma. Both are receiving medical treatment at the Ramathobodi Hospital.

Six other men received slight injuries from the bomb shrapnel and have been treated at the volunteer medical tent of the PAD.

A taxi driver who was parked in front of the First Area Army headquarters said he saw four teenagers on two motorcycles park their vehicles behind the Metropolitan Police headquarters on the Education Ministry side. One of the teens wore a white t-shirt and one of the motorcycles is a red Honda Nova. Then, he heard a loud bang and saw a red fireball land where PAD volunteer guards were sitting. Next, an explosion happaned and he saw the group of teens fled in the direction of the Wangdaeng intersection.

It is to be noted that the police have always set up a checkpoint at the Wangdaeng intersection to check for weapons, but at the time of the explosion, there was no checkpoint.

Moreover, the order by Metropolitan Police Chief, Police Lieutenant General Suchart Muenkaew, for the setting up of weapons checkpoints by all 88 police stations in the capital has failed to prevent this incident from happening.

Before the explosion happened, witnesses noted a white BMW car drive around the explosion site a couple of times.


8 injured in another bomb attack outside Government House

The attack was made at 2:10 am against a group of some 20 protesters who were standing and talking outside a gate of the Government House.

Anupong Samerphak, 22, was hit by bomb shrapnel at his body and neck. Ramathibodi Hospital doctors had to put him on respiratory system.

Doctor Than Supattharaphan, the director of the Ramathibodi Hospital, was quoted by the Manager Online as saying that Anupong became brain-dead and could live only on the respiratory system.

Eyewitnesses said two teenagers parked their motorcycle near the back gate of the Metropolitan Police head office and used a grenade launcher to launch a grenade at the protesters. The two fled the scene on Phitsanulok Road.

The injured protesters were standing near the Fifth Gate of the Government House Complex opposite from the Education Ministry.

The explosion caused a small hole in the ground and damaged two pick-up trucks, a sedan car and a motorcycle near the scene.

Maj Gen Anan Srihiran, commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 1, rushed to the scene with bomb disposal officers to carry out an investigation.

Pongchai Saetang, 42, a taxi driver, told police that he was waiting at the intersection for passengers when he saw a red light in the air, which was followed by a loud noise shortly.

He said the explosion occurred at the spot where about 20 people were talking.

The taxi driver said he saw two young men fleeing on their motorcycle on Phitsanulok heading to the Wang Daeng intersection.

The two men were about 200 metres away from the explosion spot when they ran to their motorcycle and fled, the taxi driver said.

The seven other injured were identified as Wirat Piangsajja, 54, Somchai Wongsonthi, 44, Pongchanok Kanchana-amorndej, 31, Samrerng Buachan, 26, Prakrong Hachai, 38, Narong Nakiam, 64 and Ekkapol Sahawat, 33.

All of them were rushed to the Ramathibodi Hospital by the PAD guards.

It was the second bomb attack after the tacit ceasefire during the royal cremation period.

Early Thursday, a grenade was launched at protesters inside the Government House complex, killing one and injuring more than 20 others.

The Thursday bomb prompted the PAD to declare war and plan a mass rally outside Parliament Sunday to try to speed up the downfall of the government.

The Manager Online reported that all leading members of the People’s Alliance for Democracy will hold an urgent meeting at the Manger Group head office following the latest bomb attack.

Following the meeting, the PAD leaders will hold a press conference at noon.

By The Nation

One of latest bomb victims brain-dead: doctor

A protester, who was injured in the explosion outside Government House Saturday, became brain-dead has little chance to survive, the Manager Online quoted a hospital director as saying.

Doctor Than Supattharaphan, the director of the Ramathibodi Hospital, said the brain-dead victim could live on the respiratory system.

He said two other protesters were also severely injured.

 The Nation


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