The politics of divorce


may not believe that the divorce between Thaksin Shinnawatr’s and his wife Khunying Potjaman is for real. You may even be tempted to join those who believe in more juicy rumours about “the other love.” But I am convinced that it’s all because Thaksin has decided to go for broke, politically, that is.

He told a group of PPP MPs during a recent Hong Kong gathering that he had decided to declare a full-blown war to make a political come-back.

He was quoted as saying: “Even if I beat a retreat, they would still kill me. It has been proven that no matter how far I am ready to step back, they won’t offer me my space. So, I have come to the conclusion that taking a retreat doesn’t make things better for me. Therefore, I must put up a fight…” 

And in order to get into the full fighting mode, Thaksin has decided to put his wife and children in a different corner so that they won’t be affected by whatever negative consequences that might follow. He is determined to launch his “last battle.”

In other words, while hoping for victory in his last-ditch battle, Thaksin is also prepared for a humiliating and crushing defeat — and by drawing a line between him and his wife, he might just be able to tell everybody else that he is in this alone.

His scheduled Dec 13 second “phone-in” marketing campaign will witness Thaksin’s rising sabre-rattling crescendo. Stay tuned. 

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One response to “The politics of divorce

  1. jeezzz.. even elementary kids knows !! this whole divorce thing ,it’s all fake…

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