Thaksin’s Divorce Is Sign of Breaking Point


The secretary-general of the Democrat party said that the ousted premier and his wife’s divorce is a sign that the former PM is ready to face any kind of political combat as he has reached his breaking point. He also said Thaksin’s telephone speech on “Truth Today” was a challenge to the people and, in the end, the former PM will learn his lesson.

suthep3Democrat Secretary-general Suthep Thuagsuban said the divorce of Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife Pojaman is a private matter and the truth behind the matter is not known to anyone. However, the divorce will affect the legality of their asset management and there will be a change in the assets confiscation case.

This indicates that the former PM has never given up or ceased playing political games. On the contrary, he is ready to face any kind of political combat to the breaking point, only considering his own good and never the effects that may be had on the nation or the people.

The secretary-general of the Democrat party also said that the government cannot carry out anything, as everything is up to the decisions of Thaksin Shinawatra, including the establishment of the Puea Thai Party, which is preparing to bring in members of the Shinawatra family as the party leader.

However, he believes that, in the end, Thaksin will face his defeat and the people will be a deciding factor.

Suthep also said the telephone speech the former PM plans to make on the mobile “Truth Today” gathering on December 10 will be considered a challenge to the people who will teach Thaksin a lesson in the end.

Suthep commented that the Democrat Party and the people do not expect the Cabinet reshuffle to improve the current political situation unless there is change in the government by dissolving Parliament and holding new elections.

The secretary-general of the Democrat party added that he is not sure how the situation will change if General Panlop Pinmanee is re-appointed as assistant to the Director of the Internal Security Operations Command; however, he believes that the general got this post because he went to meet with Thaksin in China.

TOC, Nov 17, 2008


Former Thai prime minister in Dubai Thailand’s fugitive former premier Thaksin Shinawatra is in Dubai, from where he will address his supporters on December 10, the former premier will phone into the show on that date to explain what political direction he will next take.

There have also been rumours that Thaksin has been offered a deal: his money back in exchange for permanent exile.

 Deposed Thai PM Thaksin now in Dubai– Billionaire Thaksin plans to address supporters in Thailand by telephone next month, said the aide.
“He will call to talk about the political situation” to supporters at the National Stadium on December 10, Jatuporn said, adding that he did not know if Thaksin would do so from the Gulf emirate

Fugitive ex-PM Thaksin to declare his return to politics– Convicted ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra will declare his return to politic and his eye-for-an-eye fight with his enemies next month in a controversial mobile TV talk show, People Power Party’s MP Jatuporn Promphan said Tuesday


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