A move to Impeach Somchai


Somchai has ethical problems and he has never expressed responsibility despite the senatorial committees in charge of investigating the October 7 incident having ruled that the dispersal violated the people’s freedom and principle human rights

violating moral standards after he was caught on video, hanging out with a woman who is not his wife

Academics seek signatures from voters, accusing Somchai of violating Constitution and ethical wrongdoing

A group of academics yesterday began a signature campaign seeking the impeachment of Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat for violating the Constitution and serious ethical wrongdoing.

The 16 academics from five universities cited the premier’s involvement in the violent October 7 police crackdown on protesters and his failure to counter adultery allegations.

They met with Senate Speaker Prasobsook Boondech at Parliament yesterday and informed him of their intention to initiate the signature campaign against the PM.

A motion for impeachment requires support from at least 20,000 eligible voters.

The academics are part of the so-called “Rajdamnoen University”, which refers to people sympathising with the anti-government People’s Alliance for Democracy.

Jiraporn Limpananont, a group leader, yesterday said the police crackdown resulted from an urgent Cabinet meeting Somchai called the night before the incident. She said that after the initial phase of the crackdown in the morning, which ended in several injuries and a death, the premier failed to prevent further police action later in the day, which resulted in further damage.

“Somchai’s actions were cruel. Weapons were used on unarmed protesters repeatedly throughout the day. His goal was to retain power,” she said.

She also said Somchai did not definitively refute adultery allegations stemming from a video clip circulating on the Internet showing a man resembling him driving to a love motel with a young woman. She said the PM admitted he was the man in the video but insisted the clip had been doctored.

“But he failed to assert that he did not take a woman who was not his wife to a motel. That makes us believe he committed serious ethical wrongdoing,” she said.

In a related development, a group of female MPs from the opposition Democrat Party plan to send a letter to Somchai asking him to consider what should be done regarding his alleged adultery.

Democrat MP Ratchadaporn Kaewsanit said she believed Somchai had cheated on his wife.

“This shows that Somchai is not honest to his beloved family, so how can he be honest to the country?”| she told a press conference at Parliament.

By The Nation
Published on November 14, 2008


PM Should Learn from Bkk Governor’s Resignation

PAD leader Pipob Thongchai is urging the prime minister to show his spirit by quitting his post after Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin announced his resignation following the anti-corruption agency’s indictment against him for his involvement in the fire engine purchase case.

During his nightly address to the People’s Alliance for Democracy supporters last night, Pipob Thongchai has asked all protesters to wear black from November 14 to 19, to mourn the passing of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, during the upcoming royal funeral.

He also showed his admiration for Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin on his decision to resign after the National Counter Corruption Commission launched an indictment for his involvement in the 6.7-billion-baht fire truck and boat purchase by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, even though it is still to be seen if he is truly guilty of the charge.

Pipob said Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat should follow Apirak’s move, as he is responsible for the deaths and the injuries caused by the police’s use of force against anti-government protesters on October 7.

He stated that the prime minister never showed any remorse for the situation and told the country to wait for the investigation result, even though it is obvious that he has full authority to stop the forceful clampdown before everything turned bloody.

Therefore, it is inevitable for the PM to consider leaving his post, to show his spirit as well.

He went on to say that all witnesses to the clashes, who reside outside Bangkok, must not report to the police’s summons, after it was said that some of them have been threatened by officials to keep quiet about what they saw on October 7.

Pipop said that all PAD witnesses are asked to gather at Bang Khun Non Police Station on Monday at 9 am to report all they know directly to the investigators, in order to make sure that the witnesses will not be turned into defendants by crooked police.

In addition, the PAD leaders will meet with the rector of Rajamangala University, whose building is directly opposite to the PAD’s rally ground inside Government House. The protest leaders plan to acquire information on this week’s grenade attack against protesters, which injured two PAD members and damaged one tent, as the alleged building is suspected to be the spot where assailants were positioned before the assault.

They have also discussed with the administration of a nearby school and the Office of Civil Service Commission to step up their security program, to prevent outsiders from entering their premises to launch any future attacks on the protesters.

Source: TOC


Academics seek impeachment of PM

This is a very responsible and good thing being done as it obvious that PM Somchai will not resign no matter how many Thai people are injured or killed unless he is thrown out.

That is true..Somchai will not resign..he must be thrown out like his crook brother in law.

Academics Launch Signature Campaign to Impeach PM

Lovehotelgate: Is That You Somchai?


Govt, police guilty of Oct 7 crackdown: Senate panels

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