Britain explains decision on Thaksin’s visa


”The Home Secretary, who is the decision maker in the question of (Thaksin’s) visas in the UK, has made clear that the conditions were changed by the convictions that happened in the case of Thaksin,”

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband yesterday said the United Kingdom took the decision to revoke the entry visa for ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra because a Thai court had sentenced him to a two-year jail term.

He added that there was no question of Thaksin’s visa being reissued as long as he was subject to the court’s ruling.

Speaking to TV reporters during a visit to Bosnia, Miliband’s comments were the first clear indication of the reasoning behind the UK’s surprise decision to revoke the visas of both Thaksin and his wife Pojaman.

Over the weekend, the UK’s Home Office revoked the couple’s visas while they were travelling outside the UK. This has dealt a severe political blow to Thaksin, who had sought asylum in the UK and tried to use London as his base to make a political comeback.

Miliband said Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was the minister who had made the revocation decision following Thaksin’s conviction in absentia to two years in jail for abuse of power in connection with Pojaman’s purchase of land on Ratchadaphisek.

“The home secretary, who is the decision-maker in the question of visas in the UK, has made clear |that the conditions were changed |by the conviction in the case of Thaksin,” Miliband said upon arrival in Bosnia.

“It is as a follow-up to that [court] decision that you have now seen a change in the visa approach [concerning the Shinawatras],” he added.

The foreign secretary said he had not, however, expected to be asked about the situation surrounding Thaksin’s visa while he was in Bosnia.

Thaksin was in Beijing on Monday, from where he said he was planning to travel to another destination. He vowed to fight back by naming all his political enemies.


NOTE: Thaksin once praised the UK as a mature democratic nation. Now that the UK has revoked his visa and UK’s decision as its acceptance of the Thai judicial system’s verdict.


British envoy affirms UK impartiality in considering entry visas

silobreaker.comWhat others report on the same story

Britain must have monitored Thaksin’s move: ChirmsakChirmsak Pinthong, a former senator known to be anti-Thaksin, presents his views on crucial questions surrounding the UK government’s decision to revoke the visas of Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife Pojama. Here are excerpts:

Shinawatras join UK’s dubious list– Ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will join animal rights extremists, preachers of hatred, suspected terrorism advocates, lifestyle gurus, and rappers as people unwanted in England.

While the real reason behind the revocation of Thaksin and his wife Pojaman’s visas by UK’s Home Office last week has not been revealed but 10 days before that, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said a “presumption in favour of exclusion” policy is being introduced to make it easier to prevent extremists from entering the UK, the BBC website reported.


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