UKs Revoking of Thaksins Visa: The Probable Motives and Implications


Now that it is official, UK government has revoked the entry visa of Thaksin and his wife.  This is done while Thai government itself still has done nothing to cancel their diplomatic passports certainly is a slap in the face for the current Thai government and Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Here, there is no more needs to argue on the justification of this action by UK government since it has already been accredited by Thaksin himself as “the most mature democracy.”  Certainly UK government has taken all information into its consideration and has arrived as its conclusions leading to the decision that Thaksin and his wife’s presence in UK would be a material liability and burdens for UK.

With the current economic depression everywhere, I am sure somebody in UK government has weighted the pros and cons of allowing Thaksin to reside there with his billions.  Somehow, some reasons they have found have outweighed Thaksin’s wealth and his proclaimed political popularity in rural Thailand.  That was certainly the reason that UK government has taken this convenient opportunity to revoke their visa. 

Revoking Thaksin and Pojamarn’s visa while they were outside England, has saved UK government of the lengthy legal process to force them out of their country and to find another country willing to receive them.  I am sure, UK government at this hard time would rather devoted its resources to other more critical and more important things than to let this billionnaire-politician with “doubtful reputations” causing months or years of work for them. 

Thus, UK decide to use a piece of paper instead of the mountainous legal haggling to get rid of Thaksin and his wife.

The latest report mentioned Thaksin is building their luxury house in Beijing, probably on recommendation from Yan Bing, the boss of Red Bull China company. 

It is my personal impression that most of the Chinese people has not known very much about the dark or negative side of Thaksin.  The UK’s action would certainly lead a few Chinese officials to be more careful about their dealing with this couple already “deported” in some senses from UK.  China is one of the most well off countries in the world now during the time of the world economic downturns.  It certainly is not that interested in Thaksin’s fortune, much less his self-serving corruptive records, once found out.  Thus, I still believe that eventually, China will not harbor Thaksin and his wife and they will need to find other place for their refuge.

The fact that UK has decided that they would not welcome this couple, will certainly be a convincing phenomena that would influence the on going debates in Thailand about the virtues or the guilts of this former prime minister quite convincingly.  Certainly, the government under the leadership of their brother in law wold do all he can to prevent this information and its impacts from affecting their supports in their political strongholds.  However, given the electronic satellite means of information now-a-days, they have no way of completely blocking this information or its impacts.  Thus, I just have to guess, that Thaksin’s claims of his legitimacy and innocence will certainly suffer from this visa revocation case.

Next, if Thaksin continued to engage in his political subversive activities from Hong Kong, Chinese government will certainly look into it will definite concerns.  Perhaps, they might just politely request that he bring his business and his billions elsewhee.

 By PisetThe Nation, November 8 , 2008


Whatever motivated London, it may be big and scary– The biggest question is why. For all the uncertainties surrounding Thaksin Shinawatra’s immediate future following his visa cancellation by Britain, what baffles everyone most is the real motive of the country praised by the man himself as democratically very mature.

Somchai declines to comment on Thaksin’s diplomatic passport  Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat Sunday declined to comment on the call for the government to revoke the diplomatic passport of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. He left on his car immediately when reporters asked whether the government would revoke Thaksin’s diplomatic passport.

Chalit: Strip Thaksin of his red passport –  Says ex-PM no longer deserves the honour, Thaksin Shinawatra’s diplomatic passport should be revoked because court warrants have been issued for his arrest and he no longer has the respect of the people

Abhisit wants PM to lift Thaksin’s red passport –  Democrat party and Opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva called on Prime Minister and Defence Minister Somchai Wongsawat to quickly revoke the diplomatic passport of ousted premier Thaksin Shinwatra 

Thaksin does not deserve a red passport

Thaksin searches for bolthole after UK withdraws visa – Former Thai PM and Manchester City owner set to be international outcast as Britain turns him away. Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister of Thailand and the man who sold Manchester City football club to its new billionaire Arab owners, was last night scouring the world for a refuge after Britain revoked his visa.

Thailand’s Thaksin Looks for a New Base A fugitive in Thailand and barred from returning to his temporary home in London after British authorities withdrew his visa, deposed Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is now looking for a new base from which to combat his critics.

 Thaksin’s asylum bid in jeopardy The United Kingdom’s visa ban on deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife Pojaman has rocked their effort to seek political asylum overseas.

Thaksin would move into the new mansion in China if he could no longer stay in Britain.

The Bahamas, an archipelago country in the Atlantic Ocean off Florida, has also emerged as a likely new home for Thaksin and family. He and his wife have reportedly been granted honorary citizenship there

Noppadon Pattama, who once served as Thaksin’s lawyer, said yesterday that he expected the ex-PM to live in an Asian country such as China. He said many countries were willing to grant Thaksin a visa.


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