The old days story: ‘Finland conspiracy”


A news story about a senator who holds some deep, dark dirty secrets about Prime Minister Thaksin.

Come on, Senator, if it’s a matter of national importance, don’t use etiquette as an excuse to play it coy. You have a duty to the country. If he’s such a monster that the revelation of these secrets would destroy his political career, you need to stop him now, before he can do more damage.

‘PM should back off or I’ll reveal his secrets’
The Nation, 27 May 2006

Sophon yesterday denied ever having leaked the so-called Finland Plot and dismissed allegations he had asked Thaksin for a large amount of money and been refused.

Sophne Supapong

Sophon Supapong

Senator Sophon Supapong yesterday said he was the keeper of two secrets concerning caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra that could prove the undoing of the Thai Rak Thai leader.

Thaksin told his Cabinet on Thursday Sophon had fabricated a story about the so-called Finland Plot because he was angry he had not received a large amount of money from Thaksin that he had asked for.

“I have never thought about setting up a fund by asking for money from the PM,” Sophon said yesterday.

“I have never entertained such an idea, particularly with this PM. Thaksin is making up stories to ruin my reputation,” he said.

The four-faced Brahma (Phra-Phrom statue) or Erawan Shrine

Sophon denied he had ever accused Thaksin of hiring someone to wreck the Brahmin shrine outside the Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel because a Khmer fortune-teller had advised him to do so.

The senator said he and Thaksin had met at his home in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao area four years ago because Thaksin had said he wanted to meet social critic Dr Prawase Wasi.

Sophon said he had arranged a meeting with Prawase and Lt-General Preecha Wannarat, then the deputy secretary-general of the PM’s Office. He said his family had also attended the meeting.

Sophon said that during the meeting he had been made privy to two secrets that, should he reveal them, would jeopardise Thaksin’s political future.

“Thaksin shouldn’t have told us these two things. He must remember what he said.

“My sense of etiquette has always prevented me revealing what was said, because it might ruin him.

“But if Thaksin continues to sling mud, I’ll be forced to tell the public what he said,” said Sophon.

He said he was not the only one who had heard what Thaksin said – even Prawase had heard it.

“I have never accused anyone or any party of anything in relation to the Finland Plot. I’m not involved, and I don’t even want to know who is,” he said.

He said Thaksin should stop listening to his close aides so exclusively and should stop defaming him.

Sophon said he hoped Thaksin improved his moral integrity so that he would not be forced to reveal his dark secrets.

Sophon, when put on the spot by reporters in relation to what Thaksin had said, refused to say any more.

“If Thaksin does not improve himself, I may have to reveal the two secrets, because they are very serious matters. If I reveal them, I am not sure if Thaksin will be able to return to his post,” he said.

Asked if Thaksin had already begun to act on the two matters, Sophon replied that he had.

He said he had heard all about the Finland Plot from many different people, particularly from within a group of October activists, and not from the People’s Alliance for Democracy, as Thaksin believed.

The Bob Boonhod Blog,  Saturday, May 27, 2006

‘PM should back off or I’ll reveal his secrets’ (The Nation)


Thaksin clearly wanted republic, critics charge
Weerayot Chokchaimadon, The Nation, 25 May 2006

Thaksin Shinawatra had planned to turn Thailand into a country dominated by one party, with a political system modelled on Western republics and democracies, with a minimal involvement of royalty, his critics accused yesterday.

Chai-anan Samudvanij

Chai-anan Samudvanij

“To completely control the whole country, Thaksin began to destroy the bureaucratic system,”

said Chai-anan Samudvanij, Principal of Vajiravuth School, in a seminar at Thammasat University following allegations against Thaksin about the so-called Finland plot.

“Thaksin wants to scare government officials so that they will side with him,” he said. Thaksin knew that he had to bring down the old bureaucracy as the first step to overrule the “old power”, according to Chai-anan.

During five years in power, the Thai people had witnessed the creation of “Thaksin” as the national leader, rather than the head of his Thai Rak Thai Party, he said.

“Thaksin instead manipulates the party as his tool to build up his supreme premiership,” Chai-anan added.

Some newspaper columnists wrote last week that a political party held a gathering of senior figures in Finland in 1999, to plan the political plot.

The ruling party has threatened to take legal action against people spreading what it described as “groundless allegations” about it.

Pramote Nakorntap

Pramote Nakorntap

Senior academic Pramote Nakorntap said he did not care if the plot existed. What Thaksin had done, however, was closely aligned to the alleged plan. Thaksin attempted to turn government officials into “his men”, he said.


“We can see that Thaksin’s military, police and CEO provincial governors are all around,” Pramote said.

Media mogul Sondhi Limthongkul believed that Thaksin had a plan to turn Thailand into a republic.

As Thaksin picked the CEO provincial governors, he was the man who pulled the strings. The governors only waited for his commands.

Sondhi Limthongkul

Sondhi Limthongkul

Sondhi believed that Thai Rak Thai had a plan to pass a law that would give every province a company-like status, which would make them considerably independent from the central government. The move would lead to the end of the appointed governors, he said.


Elections for provincial governors, similar to the ones in China and the United States, would take place, he said. “When the time comes, Thaksin will automatically become the president,” Sondhi said.

…Pramote urged the whole country to stop Thaksin, otherwise the people would have to live under the yoke of “the only man”.



 finland_plot_manbehind1In May 2006, the Sondhi Limthongkul-owned Manager Daily newspaper published the details of what it called the “Finland Plan”, “Finland Declaration”, or “Finland Strategy”. The articles claimed that Thaksin and former student leaders of Thailand’s 1970s democratic movement met in Finland in 1999 to develop a plan to institute rule by a single party, overthrow the monarchy and establish a republic, and hold elections for provincial governors. The 5-part article were titled “Finland Strategy: Thailand’s Revolution Plan?”, was written by Pramote Nakhonthap, and appeared in 17, 19, 22, 23 and 24 May 2006. Thaksin’s alleged co-conspirators apparently included Thai Rak Thai party members Prommin Lertsuridej (Secretary-General to the Premier), Chaturon Chaisaeng (Deputy Prime Minister), Surapong Suebwonglee (Minister of Information and Communications Technology), Adisorn Piangket (Former Deputy Science Minister), Sutham Saengprathum (Deputy Interior Minister), and Phumtham Wechayachai (Deputy Transport Minister), all of whom had been affiliated with the Communist Party of Thailand following the massacre of 6 October 1976.


Manager sued for articles on ‘Finland plot’Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra files libel suit against Manager newspaper for alleging that he had plans to take control of Thailand’s government

PM sues for Bt1 bn over ‘Finland Plot’ remarks Caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will sue media tycoon Sondhi Limthongkul and 11 others, seeking Bt1 billion in compensation for allegedly damaging his and the Thai Rak Thai Party’s reputations over the so-called “Finland Plot”.
BURNING ISSUE “Finland plot” on dangerous ground – Sonthi’s latest claim centres on a ‘plot to sideline royal power’ Forum Finland Declaration-Plan to overthrow Thai Monarchy?

Vandal’s dad distraught The father of a young man beaten to death for destroying the Brahma statue at the Erawan Shrine condemned the “overreaction” of the mob that lynched his son.

Man beaten to death after desecrating the Erawan Shrine A young Thai man, believed to be mentally ill, almost completely destroyed one of Bangkok’s most revered religious images, the statue of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, at Rajprasong intersection early yesterday morning, after which he was beaten to death by a group of angry bystanders






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