Lovehotelgate: Is That You Somchai?

Adultery as a conclusive factor to force a soft-spoken prime minister to resign?  Well, we had a cooking show forcing a prime minister to resign. Why not a kinky blockbuster about adultery. But not so fast with this not-so-steamy Bangkokian “Sex, Lies & Videotape”. With adultery, by the way, being anyway a gentleman’s crime in Thailand.

BANGKOK POST:  Off the casting couch:

The top video in Thailand is a grainy 30-minute short starring … well, that is the question. The leading man in the video is neither a popular actor nor a famous singer. He is a slightly built older man driving around young women.”

“And he bears a striking resemblance to the prime minister,” says the Post. “The 25-minute, must-see video was viewed more than 261,000 times in less than 24 hours after it was posted on the Manager website at about 8 pm on Wednesday, and there were reportedly hundreds of thousands of “clicks” on other websites where it was being featured.”

“With rumors flying around that the scandalous footage would soon be pulled from cyber space, some people hurriedly burned it onto CDs and spread them around.”

“The footage, shot by an unknown cameraman between March 22nd and 27th this year, has become the talk of the town – probably because the man in it looks very much like the embattled Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, a brother-in-law of Thaksin Shinawatra.”

NobitaSomchai VDO clip  scandal  presented at PAD’s stage  by  Somsak Kosaisook
“The clip is presented in four parts,” the Post goes on. “The first, taken on March 22nd, shows the man picking up a woman in her 20s, in front of a convenience store, in his red Mercedes.”
“The couple have dinner at a restaurant serving southern-style Thai dishes, giving more fuel to those who believe the man is Mr. Somchai, who is a native of Nakhon Si Thammarat.”

“The second part features the same man driving a BMW to a love motel after picking up another woman from a house on March 24th.”

“In the third part, the man, who is wearing eyeglasses, is shown parking his white Lexus SUV at a restaurant where he has lunch with his wife, according to a female narrator who called the man the “target.” The “wife” in the footage looks like Mr. Thaksin’s younger sister, Yaowapa.”

“The final part was taken on March 27th when the target picked up a woman at the Justice Ministry on Chaengwattana road for lunch, and then went to HomePro department store where they bought a refrigerator.”

“According to the Manager website, the video clip has been shown on the internet since early this week.”

“When asked about the unusual footage yesterday, Mr. Somchai – who drives a Lexus SUV, a Mercedes and a BMW – refused to comment.”

“He just smiled and hurriedly walked inside the House of Representatives.”

NobitaSomchai VDO clip # 1
NobitaSomchai VDO clip # 2

NobitaSomchai VDO clip # 3

BangkokDan: The question remains. Are adulterers unfit to be PM?

THE NATION :  When Thai politics take a kinky turn

Move over “Bangkok Dangerous,” there’s another film waiting to take Bangkok by storm. Though this one has yet to be given a title, it has all the ingredients of “Sex, Lies and Videotape” – a kinky blockbuster about a sexually repressed woman’s husband who has been having an affair with her sister.”

“While the story line of this unnamed film may differ hugely from the 1989 Hollywood hit, the anti-government People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has wasted no time in airing the not-so-steamy preview of the film starring, well, we don’t know who for sure yet.”

“Some of possible titles that Bangkokian has heard about though were “Serial Shagger,” “Spermanator” or “The Premier Who Shagged Me.””

“In fact, two leading dailies even brought up the issue on the front page in their Thursday editions. Respected daily Matichon said the man in the video looked like somebody we all know, while the anti-government mouthpiece, Manager, said the man in the clip seen taking different women to short-time love shacks looked very much like Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat.”

“However, nobody said a single thing about the guy from the popular TV show “Parliament of Jokers” or “Sapha Joke,” which satirises parliamentary debate.”

“Of course, the identity of the man in question is debatable. For all we know, it could have been somebody who looks like our soft-spoken premier.”

“For the time being, though, there is nothing to suggest that any more evidence will be put forward.”

“Even if Somchai or any other senior politician gets caught on camera with his pants down, Bangkokian probably won’t see the kind of investigation that was launched by Kenneth Starr during the Clinton-Lewinski scandal, much less any confessions and/or public apologies.”

“Besides, one might ask, what’s the point in spending millions to confirm something we already know? Just for the record, perhaps?”

Reference: absolutely


Chamlong challenges PM to sue over controversial video clip – Chamlong Srimuang, a leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, challenged Tuesday Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat to file defamation suits against those whom the PM accused of editing a video clip to cause him damage.

“This is a serious issue because he is accused of using office time to hook up with a woman. For this type of allegation, leaders of other countries would have resigned, if they had been accused,” Chamlong said.


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