The Thaksin’s “Phone-In Show”


Thaksin call fails to sway critics

Reference to royal mercy seen as ‘presumptuous, disrespectful’

Ousted prime minister and fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra should repent if he truly seeks forgiveness and reconciliation, Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva said yesterday.

“It is unfortunate that Thaksin appears determined to sway [public] sentiment instead of showing remorse, although he should seriously reflect on his performance,” he said.

Thaksin has also come under criticism for what is seen as his presumptuousness in saying during his phone-in on Saturday that nothing can bring him back from exile except royal mercy and the will of the people.



Abhisit and many Thaksin opponents have voiced strong disapproval for his defiance of his conviction for conflict of interest in the Ratchadaphisek land case.

“As a rich man, Thaksin can pay for signatures to endorse his petition for royal intervention to save himself,” he said, arguing that Thaksin is misleading the public with his perceived injustice when he subscribes to legal manipulations.

Sak Korsaengruang

Sak Korsaengruang

Former graft buster Sak Korsaengruang said Thaksin had overestimated himself by trampling on the law and the judicial system.

He said if Thaksin had no confidence in the judiciary, then he should not try to sue his opponents, including members of the Assets Examination Committee.

Former AEC member Udom Fuangfung said he would not react to the remarks of Thaksin, who is a convict.

He said he saw no repercussions from Thaksin’s phone-in on Saturday.

Chamlong Srimuang

Chamlong Srimuang

Thaksin’s spokesman Pongthep Thepkanchana said there were no plans to petition for a royal pardon for the ex-premier. There might be a misunderstanding because Thaksin did not mention seeking amnesty, he said.

Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat said he did not keep tabs on Thaksin’s remarks, so he was not in a position to comment.

“From what I was told, the rally was peaceful and the crowds dispersed in an orderly manner after Thaksin’s call-in,” he said.

The National Police chief and the Metropolitan Police commissioner both assured him that the situation was under control, he said, allaying concerns about a violent clash of opposing crowds as had been feared.

“Social divisions, particularly among the grassroots people, have widened,” he said.

Pipop Thongchai

Pipop Thongchai

People’s Alliance for Democracy co-leader Pipop Thongchai said Thaksin’s remarks drove a deeper wedge in society.

PAD co-leader Chamlong Srimuang said Thaksin was disrespectful when he tried to link his return to the revered institution.

Democrat Party spokesman Buranat Samutharak said the ex-premier should serve his two-year jail term in order to pave way for the petitioning for a royal pardon.

Suriyasai Katasila

Suriyasai Katasila

PAD spokesman Suriyasai Katasila said Thaksin was trying to sow distrust by convincing his supporters that royal intercession could end or prolong his exile.

The turmoil will persist so long as Thaksin fails to realise that the more he tries to sway sentiment, the deeper the political rifts, he said.

Democrat MP Thaworn Senniam said Thaksin acted selfishly for trying to whitewash himself at the expense of society.

Army spokesman Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the military would not speculate on the meaning of what Thaksin said. Army chief General Anupong Paochinda had no specific instructions on the matter, he said.

Law Society of Thailand president Det-udom Krairit said it was up to the courts to rule whether Thaksin’s remarks could be construed as contempt.

By THE NATION , Nov 3, 2008


Thaksin Phone-In Show was almost a tear-jerker… for some- Posted by Yoon

“I am not a mob leader. I am a former prime minister,” he declared. Thaksin was criticial of the judicial system again. “I am suffering from misdeeds I didn’t commit.”

“I and my family have been harmed — my assets have been frozen although they had been earned before I entered politics. I have been sentenced to jail term. My family  members have been charged. Even my secretary has been been spared. My family has to split up. But my family’s and my troubles are nothing compared with those of the country,” Thaksin lamented.

Television clips showed some in the audience in tears when they heard Thaksin’s latest story. But as soon as the Thaksin Show ended, a good number of the participants left the Rajamangla Stadium almost immediately

comment: Thaksin tried to ignite popular revolt but failed.
People, sensing the danger, instead, went home.

Thaksin must be stopped his PLOT,
the monarchy vs people’s power.

He is now cleared, anti-monarchist, anti-system revolutionary and seeking for New Politics, the new order that is arranged by his power.

Thaksin proved last night he has no popular support.
The syndicateurs, 5 gangs of Nopocho must be arrested and tried as anti-system advocateurs and operatives.

The shown-up TRT cadres out of banned 111 cadres proved they defy to the verdict, not to do political activities. They must be arrested and tried.

comment: I have seen this “red shirty” party as an attempt for the Thaksin’s pets to demonstrate the existence of a strong support for Thaksin Shinnawatra, despite his gradual failures during the past two years.

Two years ago, Thaksin and his pets would challenge any accusation against Thaksin’s misconducts and corruptions this way: “Let the court prove it.”

Now the courts have proved already and has spelled out its finding and pronounce their sentencing. Then, as his attempts to bribe enough judges to sway a court decision to his say failed, his attempt to bribe the court officials to help delaying, or interfering with the preparation of the case also failed and two of his lawyers were found guilty and sent to jail, now he is saying that Thai court could not be trusted for justice.

Now, his follower changed their stance from claiming innocence for Thaksin to saying that corruption is “normal” in Thai politic.

The “red shirt” mobs attempting to mobilize the rural folks has failed due to the recognition of their repeated lies by the mobilizers and due to the temporary “deminishing” demands from the farmers as they have already received plenty to live for a while already. This time the Thaksin’s pet generally “ordered” the rural civil servants, mostly local administrative officials and teachers to Bangkok. Despite all the pay out and all the “orders” they managed only about 30,000 of the half-hearted crowd. I am sure your journalists at the site would be able to confirm this, picture of the red shirt being taken off and changed to other shirts. sounds of those people complaining about the meaningless waste of time on that “order.”

When the data and follow up analysis is out, you will find that, the net result of this “red shirt” party November 1 at the Rachamangala Stadium is a solid prove of the failure of Thaksin and his pets rather than success.

comment: Yes, some of the folks could be genuine appreciated lovers of Thaksin for some personal favors or some misunderstanding in the past. His speech had intended to jerk tears of sympathy and to boost his supports. However, looking at what really happened, it look more like a “self jerking” by those Thaksin’s pets and Thaksin for their own “self-gratification” as a “political masturbation.”

what is so scary is that he has told this story so many times, he believes his on propaganda.
I may be wrong but does not a pardon imply that one is guilty but deserving of forgiveness. Since the subject
bye his on words isnot guilty of anything forgiveness is not necessary, and can hardly be given

Reference: Thai Talk


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