Thai Politic: From hand clappers to foot Clappers

The anti-Thaksin protestors have been using hand clapppers to cheer up one another. Now, the pro-Thaksin protestors against protestors have come up with their “foot clappers” in retaliation.

It’s the symbol of hands of PAD (People’s Alliance for Democracy) against that of DAAD’s feet (Democratic Alliance Againsti Dictatorship)..

It’s yellow against red.

It’s “new politics” against “old politics.”

The introduction of “foot clappers” into the divisive political atmosphere is particularly interesting since foot has always been considered a sign lowly gesture. Thais don’t use their feet to point at things. Thais don’t put their feet over things they consider respectable. “My foot!” is considered a rude expression.

When you get mad, you may slap others with your hand. But it’s when you getting really worked up that you kick somebody else with one of your feet.

The introduction of politics of “foot” therefore indicates that Thai politics has been plunged to a new low indeed.!!


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