PAD’s Beliefs and Values

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Quote: Since this website is not the official PAD website so the goals here are written from my belief alone.”


His Majesty graciously granted his advice on self-sufficient economy in order for the people to lead their lives productively, peacefully and happily, with dharma to help steer the course and heart as an essential driving element. By Maintaining a Balance in the Five Following Aspects Describes the Principle of Being Self-reliant:

A balance in the state of mind: one needs to be strong, self-reliant, compassionate and flexible. Besides, one should possess a good conscience and place public interests on a higher priority, above one’s own.

A balance in social affairs: people need to help each other, strengthen the community, maintain unity, and develop a learning process that stems from a stable and strong foundation.

A balance in managing natural resources and the environment: the country’s resources need to be used efficiently and carefully, in order to create sustainable benefits and to develop the nation’s stability progressively.

A balance in technology: technology should be used appropriately while encouraging new developments to come from the villagers’ local wisdom.

A balance in economic affairs: one needs to increase earnings, to reduce expenses, and to pursue a decent life.

To Live in Accordance with the Principles of Self-sufficient Economy

1. One must adhere to a frugal style of living and try to cut down daily expenses especially for extravagant items as stated in the Royal speech, “. . .One should not live luxuriously and must cut down expenses in an appropriate manner. . .”

2. One must be true to oneself and work righteously as well as honestly, even under harsh living conditions according to the Royal speech, “. . .Success of all people comes from good conduct and proper work. . .”

3. One must stop selfish competition and the habit of taking advantage of others when doing business as commonly happened in the past. This is defined in the following excerpt from the Royal speech, “. . .The meaning of genuine happiness is the happiness derived from one’s fair conduct, both of intention and action, and not from coincidence or taking advantage of others. . .”

4. One must not give up in finding ways to pull oneself out of hardship, by striving to learn more and more in order to earn sufficient income, as stated in the Royal speech, “. . .The reason for encouraging people to learn more and become stable in their life is for their own lasting happiness from, first, leading a sufficient lifestyle, and then from being proud of themselves for being able to stand on their own. . .”

5. One must behave with good morality and refrain from all greeds. Thai society collapsed with this adverse economic situation because a lot of people betrayed their own country without any shame. His Majesty the King graciously delivered a Royal speech that conveys a similar message, as follows: “. . .Avoid committing wrongdoings that will destroy oneself or others, eliminate one’s inner greed, remain true to oneself, as well as preserve and enhance the good virtues within oneself. .

(source: Self-sufficiency or sustainable development )


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