Kelly Newton performed her songs on PAD’s stage

Kelly Newton Wordsworth

Kelly Newton Wordsworth

 Kelly Newton’s songs; Long Live the King of Siam / Rain Man / At The PAD / Bloody October MV !!

Kelly Newton-Wordsworth is an internationally renown singer/songwriter, performer and recording artist from Australia. For many years of her life she has been a dedicated and committed environmentalist and humanitarian. Her songs tell the stories of her life.

More about the song “Long Live the King of Siam”

More about Kelly :


“At The PAD” (Youtube-URL / Embed) , (

“LONG LIVE THE KING OF SIAM” (Youtube-URL / Embed), (

“RAIN MAN” (Youtube-URL / Embed), (



“There Must be Peace in Thailand” song (


Long live The King of Thailand
Kelly Newtonwordsworth

 “One of my friends told me about this website (Manager online) with all of the lovely comments about my songs for the King of Thailand.

To all of the kind and beautiful people who have said such touching comments about my songs for your wonderful King,
I thank each and every one of you.

It is my honour and privelege to have written such songs for such a great man.
For me the King of Thailand has set an extra-ordinary example of true leadership in this ever-changing world in which we all live.
Your King has lived an amazing life in his 80 years of being on this earth. He has contributed to the world in all avenues of life.
His kindness, his wonderful music, his wisdom, his foresight and caring has moved me many times to tears.

The more I learn about him, the more I am so astonished at what he has achieved in his truly amazing and full life.
He has had such a huge impact on the hearts of millions and millions of people, not only in this beautiful country but all over the world.
I want to add now that I sing these songs only to share my love for your King.

I have no interest in politics. I am an artist. I have no desire to offend any person or to take any side in what is happening politically,
only to share these songs to bring joy and happiness to all people in the world who love and admire the King of Thailand.

I love Thailand and I stand for freedom for all people in the world to live full, happy and successful lives.”

Love Kelly
Kelly Newtonwordsworth

(FROM: Manager Online News weboard)


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