Thaksin Shinawatra, Official International Terrorist!!

Thaksin Shinawatra, the fugitive criminal from Thailand,on May 25, 2010 has been official put on the most wanted criminal of Thailand, as the criminal court releases an arrest warrant for a conviction of a terrorist. The charge is carried out by the Department of Special Investigation, Thai equivalent of American FBI. Thaksin then becomes the first Prime Minister of Thailand who is charged with such serious offences.

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Gist of the Ruling of the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Offices on The Assets Seizure Case Against Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra

English translation for download

Primary Resource: International Relations and Security Network / Department of Infomation

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The Thai People’s Declaration to the World


We are the people of the Kingdom of Thailand and are citizens who are loyal to our nation, our religion, and our monarchy. We gather here today at Sanam Luang in the capital city of Bangkok and are joined in spirit and in faith by Thai citizens from across the Kingdom.

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KING IN THAI HEARTS: Why Thai People Hold HM the King So High in Their Reverence and Endless Love


Since Sept. 19, 2009, HM the King has stayed at Siriraj Hospital for 22 days by Sat. Oct. 10. The number of people who went to Siriraj Hospital to sign their get-well wishing for His Majesty has reached nearly 500,000 names across the spectrum of social statuses and geographical areas. Some of Them came to pray in front of HM’s Portrait and at both the monuments of Prince Mahidol of Songkla, HM the King’s father and the Princess Mother.

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Minefield of criminal cases await Thaksin:Verdict could be used to pursue damage to state

The Supreme Court’s verdict to seize about Bt46 billion of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s money is a civil case, which can treacherously be followed by a series of criminal cases.

The verdict offers leads for other legal action to be pursued against Thaksin. 

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FOLLOW-ON FROM VERDICT 10 Criminal cases now possible

Thaksin could face suits from agencies

Ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was found guilty of hiding his assets and abusing his power while in office. The Supreme Court’s verdict could lead to at least 10 separate criminal cases in connection with the landmark Bt76-billion assets-seizure case.

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What is Thaksin prepared to do now?


Thaksin Shinawatra claimed it was “an honour” to be appointed Cambodia’s economic adviser. As his motherland is staring at a major diplomatic row with a close neighbour and businessmen in both countries are bracing themselves for an unpredictable impact, there is a thin line between “honour” and “shame”.

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FACE-OFF :Thailand’s had ‘enough’ and will not tolerate Hun Sen’s behaviour


Just as many had feared, the stormy relationship between Thailand and Cambodia was pushed to the edge yesterday when Bangkok responded to fugitive ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra’s appointment as the neighbouring country’s economic adviser by recalling its ambassador from Phnom Penh.

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